For many years, Churchill Leonard has recognized the extent of its practice originating from the Willamette Valley agricultural community.

The firm continues to represent farmers, whether they are specialty seed or vegetable producers or large scale diversified farming operations with annual sales of ten million dollars or more. The firm also represents the buyers and handlers of the 117 crops produced in Marion County as well as the companies and cooperatives which provide the materials, services, supplies and capital to produce those crops. As a result, the firm is familiar with all phases of the agricultural production and marketing cycle from seed breeding to soil fumigation and carbon banding to protecting variety names and enforcing rights to payment, as well as the special statutory, administrative law and code provisions unique to agricultural operations. The firm works with landlords as well as farm owners in the transfer of agricultural operations from one generation to another.

  • Leases and contracts
  • UCC filings (agricultural services liens, crop liens, security agreements)
  • Crop spray damage claims; aerial chemical application
  • Vineyard and winery leases and agreements
  • Representation of dairy owners and operators
  • Vineyard management, sale and development agreements
  • Timber valuation
  • Timber trespass
  • Agri-Business
  • Agricultural cooperatives

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